DNA is the essential basis of what determines our prime characteristics and, consequently, what distinguish us. Our corporate culture maintains faithful to its roots and it is based on basic values that we have guided since 1954.


Our greatest asset are the clients that rely on us and it is for them, and with them, that we work every day. The duty to provide the best solutions for your needs, through rigorous and capable work, as well as fully corporate and transparent information, are the standards of quality and commitment that are written in our DNA and in what we aim to be the mentality of our employees.


Innovation is the engine of the future and aware of this reality we invest annually in new technologies and new equipment, as well as constant improvement in the facilities we have.


We always work towards tomorrow to be even better than today. This philosophy, passed down from generation to generation, applies in everything we do in an immersive way, both for partners and top management.


Aware of the environmental impact that an organization of ours has, we promote a constant concern in this field. Training and awareness for eco-driving practices, constant renewal of our fleet of vehicles, alongside recycling and reuse of raw materials initiatives are some of the environmental examples that we put in practice in our daily activities.


All relationships on David Neto group companies are based on respect, transparency, honesty, loyalty and integrity, where any type of non-compliance with these values are not tolerated. We preserve everyone’s independency to be able to speak and act freely, in defence of the company’s interests, always based on the ethical commitment they must inspire on themselves.