Moving Forward

David Neto has always moved itself to provide superior quality service toward its clients, actively innovating and diversifying what its solutions are, where the sustainable growth and active investment are prime bets. The maximum recognition will always be the feedback from our clients and that is why we work daily, always keeping us faithful to what the group’s mission and vision is.


More than a provider, David Neto’s mission is to build partnership relations with its customers, ensuring the continuous development of solutions to the various areas in which it operates, maintaining the confident image that has been building since 1954.


Building a multidisciplinary group that operates in the most diverse areas of services providing, through synergies in complementary industries, contributing this way to the growing success of its customers.


All relationships on David Neto group companies are based on respect, transparency, honesty, loyalty and integrity, where any type of non-compliance with these values are not tolerated. We preserve everyone’s independency to be able to speak and act freely, in defence of the company’s interests, always based on the ethical commitment they must inspire on themselves.