24/7 365 days/year

Acquired by the David Neto Group in 2007, it aimed to respond effectively to service requests with short transit times, thus offering a wider range of options to the group’s customers. It presents itself as an express freight company capable of delivering fast deliveries in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe, both through its own means and associated to an international network of partners, thus giving hundreds of transport possibilities daily.

In addition to a dedicated express service – immediate requests with delivery in the shortest time possible – David Neto Expresso also offers a parcel distribution service in which each transport includes several groups of several customers.

All transportation solutions – from cartons to full pallets – in light vehicles or trucks, are constantly monitored by GPS systems, with a strong expertise in the automotive and hotel sectors.

Van < 1.2T
Small Truck < 24 T
Truck > 24 T